My very generous older sister and her husband gave us a Claridges afternoon tea voucher as our wedding gift. We got married in February — it was an incredible day. 
claridges lounge 2
In fact I wish you could have joined us at our vegan wedding, and this week at Claridges too, because you would have loved it. We had no idea that Claridges would be able to provide vegan-friendly anything, but trust me, they certainly do.

claridges entrance hallWe didn’t know what to expect when we got there… situated in the heart of London’s Mayfair, you are greeted by the grandeur of the decadent 1920s lounge, the Gatsby-style décor and the prior knowledge that Gordon Ramsay used to be head-chef, an outspoken vegetarian-hater! Admittedly, we didn’t have high hopes that one of the world’s top hotels even knew what ‘vegan’ was.

Claridges1They do, and we were wrong. We had a phenomenal round of perfectly cut finger sandwiches on a variety of breads – a few favourites were:
-Avocado and asparagus,
-Cucumber and hummus,
-Roasted red pepper, hummus,
-Tomato and rocket with soya butter,
-Mushroom, pine nuts and watercress.

We washed the sandwiches down with an endless supply of black vanilla French tea with soya milk – it is my new favourite tea. I still dream about. No really!

When we were all breaded out, the cake-eating began. Served beautifully on two china platters were:

When we were all breaded out, the cake-eating began. Served beautifully on two china platters were: Scones with jam, Chocolate and strawberry moose,
Coconut tapioca,
Chocolate and blueberry sponge loaf,
Apple, cinnamon and raspberry pot.

After all of this, feeling rather corpulent, but also so excited to know that the grandest of hotels and one of the UK’s most meatily admired restaurants gets vegan. I’ve also been for afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason, which is controversial for an animal lover, I know, but their vegan afternoon tea was claridges teapotsalso delicious.  The only criticism I could have of Claridges would be that the sofas were all leather, although there were fabric chairs that we could swap to.

Let’s hope lots more glamorous venues start to lay on vegan afternoon tea as well as this. So although it was free (to me – it would have been £50 per head), I thank you Claridges. I’m really impressed with your excellent service, your menu, and mostly your black vanilla tea! It was a wonderful wedding gift, and felt very much in love all afternoon, giddy on sugar and caffeine highs.

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