BRECKNOCK ROAD: North London’s unlikely setting for a mid-November vegan festival

  • A true community event where businesses came together to support each other 
  • Showing ‘the power of the vegan pound’

We went along to Brecknock Road Vegan Festival in north London on Saturday and were blown away by what a fantastic day we had. Let me set the scene: it was pouring with rain, it was freezing cold, and I ended up with flu the next day! But it was worth it…

At the festival there was vegan food galore, but not like at the larger vegan events I’ve been to, this was different. All the shops and restaurants on the street came up with the goods — delicious, wholesome vegan goods. There was a veritable feast of vegan-friendly food, drinks and cakes in almost every shop, restaurant and café you entered along the road. Even the local ethical shoe shop was serving hot drinks all day! You could say it felt like a village fete atmosphere, which was a revelation considering we were actually on a main road in a nice-yet-gritty part of north London where no one usually talks to anyone.

The day was special, perhaps the first vegan street party in London? I could be wrong about that but I’ve never heard of one before. What a step forward. There is one man, and one man only, who we can thank for this Alice In Wonderland experience, for me it was like falling the down the rabbit hole, but sadly with a one-day return ticket only. To most, Sean O’Callaghan is known as FatGayVegan, but he is our Peter Pan… we’ll need to persuade him to take us to another vegan Neverland soon. Thankfully we hear he has a lot more events in the pipeline, which you can read about on his website.

The most important part of the event for me was the great people I met there, Sean included of course. Only a few of us knew each other at the beginning of the day but by the evening a swarm of vegans invaded the local pub and spent the evening socialising together. The locals of The Admiral Mann, a fairly typical North London pub weren’t quite sure what hit them!

The festival had a pretty amazing vibe, despite the rain, the cold and the runny noses! A special thanks to FatGayVegan,, The Third Estate, Vanessa Hudson (leader of AWP) and The Vegan Society for giving up their time and being part of our video.

In addition to the video above, here’s some of my photo highlights from the day:

Me with Wills Vegan Shoes

Me, TheAllAnimalVegan, just after buying my very own pair of Will Vegan Shoes. As you can probably see, I’m rather excited about this!

Sean O'Callaghan, AKA

The event organiser — Sean O’Callaghan, AKA

TheAllAnimalVegan with Wills Vegan Shoes

Me with Will Green, the founder of Wills Vegan Shoes. I’m holding the same style of shoe that I’d bought just a moment earlier. (I got the very last size 3!)

Brecknock road sign        Event poster

Vanessa Hudson

To find out more about AWP (Animal Welfare Party) go to

Vegan Society website

The Vegan Society stand

Bumblebee Manna cakes

Really, really delicious Manna ( cakes in Bumblebee Natural Foods.

Bumblebee Manna cupcakes

Accordion player

Salvino Italian deli’s accordion player was giving some extra special performances throughout the day.

Will Green of Wills Vegan Shoes

Here’s Will Green, mid interview. Will was so busy, we were lucky to get any of his time!

The Mighty Fork

The queue at The Mighty Fork hot dog stall –

Wills Vegan shoes chalk board

The Third Estate crowds

The Third Estate shoe shop was heaving with customers all day

The Third Estate clothing

The Third Estate

Bumblebee shelves

Bumblebee Natural Food store

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