THE SOUL OF VEGAN SHOES IS CHANGING… HAS ARRIVED…I was lucky enough to meet loads of interesting people this October at Vegfest London, but one who stands out more than most is Will Green. Not just because he’s a handsome chap, but because he has big ideas about all of our feet…

TheAllAnimalVegan with Wills Vegan Shoes

Me and Will of at The Third Estate on Brecknock Road.

Will told me he wanted ethical, cruelty-free shoes to fill our high streets – he wanted fashionable vegan shoes to be affordable for everyone. His dream is to ‘bridge the gap between everyday people and ethically produced vegan shoes. I’m about getting the latest fashions out there at fair prices, while not hurting animals or people in the process.’

Will has a lot of experience working with ethical shoes, and now he is pulling on his knowledge to source, what I can only describe as, the best vegan shoes I’ve ever seen. I saw plenty of his product samples at Vegfest and I was very impressed, Will has worked tirelessly to put together a collection of shoes that won’t break the bank and he hasn’t sacrificed quality or ethics in the process. The entire upcoming winter range is free of animal products while workers are paid in accordance with European guidelines. Wills Vegan Shoes really is an animal and human-friendly company.

I spoke to Will about the new business, although it was hard to get a video interview with him as his stand at Vegfest was bustling with customers. Everyone wanted to know about the shoes, and this reaffirmed to me that it wasn’t just me that thought he was on to a really exciting thing.

Will is one of my new and inspirational vegan friends that have helped open up this whole new world to me. This world is filled with people like me, they share my views and don’t think I’m crazy for being compassionate. Wills boot in leaves
If you’re a vegan, whether male or female, like me you have probably always struggled finding really trendy shoes, or at least had to search high and low for them. I always find shoes, but more often than not, I feel like I’ve settled for a second best pair. Well, not any more… It has been exclusively revealed to that Will of now has a launch date, and it is just around the corner! As of 7th November 2013 his website will be live and kicking (just like all the animals that this business will hopefully help save!). I’ve become fanatic about these shoes and I keep panicking that they’ll sell out on this site before I can get a pair! They’ve given me hope that vegan life is getting simpler and more mainstream.

To celebrate the launch of Wills Vegan Shoes, visitors to the official website can enter their email address in exchange for a £10 gift voucher to be used once the online store is live in the next few weeks!

Wills-logo-high-resVisit to get your gift voucher now!
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You will also be able to find Wills Vegan Shoes at The Third Estate in Camden –
This just happens to be my favourite vegan shoe shop in London, well worth a visit if you’re in the area. You won’t be disappointed – it was founded by another brilliant vegan called James, who knows as much about shoes as Will!

We plan to update you all again on Will’s progress after the launch, and I’m sure we’ll have a lot to tell you. In the meantime, support Will, visit his site, get your voucher and await the big day when we can all go crazy buying ethical vegan shoes at high street prices!


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