TESCO: surprisingly the best Free From vegan section!

Whatever you may think or feel about the UK supermarket giant, Tesco has the best dairy-alternative ‘free from’ range out of any of our mainstream supermarket chains.

Tesco vegan cheese

Tesco has received a lot of criticism this year — in fact every year there is some bad press about the 100-year-old grocery chain.  But to me, Tesco is no better or worse than any other profit-loving company beholden to its shareholders.

As I can’t perfect the world, I aim to encourage the major players in business to help improve themselves. Tesco is the nearest large supermarket to my house, and I shop there not because I love their ethics, but because I have a busy life and live in reality, an imperfect one, but a reality of necessity and convenience.

Tesco Free From range

It’s always been reasonably easy to get hold of vegan-friendly products, but having your local supermarket stock a large, dedicated section of vegan goods is a real bonus. In the last three years Tesco has gone from offering a smallish selection of brand name vegan items to a whole own-brand ‘Free From‘ range. Here’s hoping Tesco continues to develop its Free From refrigerated dairy alternative range, but in the meantime, here’s a rundown of what Tesco currently has to offer:

VEGAN MILKS – soya, rice and coconut:
Tesco soya milk     Tesco rice milk

FIVE VARIETIES OF VEGAN-FRIENDLY CHEESES – soya strong, medium and smoked, as well as two cream cheese spreads!
tesco vegan cheese

Tesco vegan cream cheese

As of 2016, Tesco also now stock Violife cheese, some of the best vegan cheese I’ve tasted yet! Although this article is focused on the own brand products, I couldn’t leave Violife out, it’s just too good. I used to have to go into London to shops like PlanetOrganic or Holland & Barrett for Violife cheese, but now it’s being sold in our mainstream supermarkets – super exciting.
Violife cheese slices at Tesco                       Violife cheese spread at Tesco                     Tesco - Violife cheese

VEGAN-FRIENDLY BUTTER:Tesco vegan butter

VEGAN SOYA YOGURTS – plain and fruity flavours:
Tesco vegan yogurts

tesco vegan yogurts

VEGAN DESSERTS – Tesco have own brand vegan Creme Caramels, chocolate yogurt pots, chocolate triangle shakes (which are really, really good!):
Tesco vegan desserts

Tesco vegan desserts

As well at the the ‘free from’ refrigerated section, Tesco now also have a good selection of own brand vegan-friendly frozen goodies too:

Tesco veggie fingers

Tesco Swedish Glace Tesco ice-cream splits Tesco vegan Choc-Ice Tesco vegan cornetto ice-cream

Try some of these out if you are near a (large) Tesco, I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as me.


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  1. Diane

    Thanks for the heads up! shame its all soya, i am sensitive to soya. But its great to see vegan friendly product in the supermarket .


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