LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN (LPQ): the vegan daily bread

We have been seeing LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN (LPQ) restaurants popping up all over London (and beyond) but we’re surprised to find a wide variety of vegan options labelled on the main menu of this French style food chain!

The french definitely aren’t known for vegan-friendly cuisine, so we are excited that LPQ are changing that perception. They are expanding in all the major cities across the world so of course we are really excited to find out all about them.

LPQ loves brunch, a bit of breakfast, and a bit of lunch. So they’ve created the perfect combination of wholesome savories, decadent pastries, delicious hot drinks and fresh pressed juices. I think once you’ve seen all of the options below you will agree there is plenty for us vegans to choose from! We wrote to LPQ to find out more about the vegan menu options, and here’s what we can share with you:

BAKERY – vegan breads
LPQ - bread_2

Vegan Chia pudding (with coconut and raspberries)
Chia Seed & Coconut Pudding Image

This creamy, vegan-friendly pudding tastes wonderful with a decorative selection of soft summer raspberry coulis. The chia seeds are mixed with the coconut milk for 2 minutes using a wooden spoon, which creates the light and creamy pudding texture. The coulis on top is made from raspberries and sweetened with some organic agave.

Chia seeds – This little seed has a huge nutritional profile: it contains calcium, manganese, and phosphorus, and is a great source of healthy omega-3 fats.

Fun facts: chia is said to help combat diabetes, fight belly fat, generate stronger teeth and bones and improve heart health.

Click here  to get the recipe too!

Vegan Cocoa Pear Cake
LPQ pear cake


Vegan Banana split Detox
LQP Banana split

This work of art is packed with goodness: gojiberries are full of antioxidants, and spirulina – a type of alga – is high in protein. Sprinkled with home made organic crunola (for sale in stores), this vegan dish – soy yoghurt only – is a true detox kickstarter for any day.

Spirulina – This sweetwater alga – ancient food source of the Aztecs – is known as a complete protein (dried spirulina has 60% protein). Add this to the potassium of bananas and the rich gojiberries and everyone will want to be a healthy vegan! :-)

The vegan Botanist Brunch (CHISWICK WARDOUR ONLY)
LPQ The Botanist Brunch


Vegan chili sin carne (CHISWICK ONLY)
LPQ - Chili sin carne (CHISWICK ONLY)

This is a mildly spicy tomato stew containing red onion, celery, jalapeno, vegan sour cream and avocado. By replacing the red meat with a soy texturised protein and adding beans, which are equally rich in protein.

Fun fact: Meaning ‘chili without meat’ this is a fun vegan take on the famous ‘chili con carne’. It is so well made, that no one will miss the meat in this dish. Mildly spicy again, this rich and savory dish adjusts to everyone’s taste and preferences.

Vegan Hummus Ménage à Trois
LPQ - Hummus Ménage à Trois

This colourful vegan platter comes with a selection of three different hummus:
-sesame house hummus (made of chickpeas and tahini)
-sweet green pea hummus (made of the house hummus and green peas)
-earthy beetroot hummus (made of the house hummus and beetroot caviar).

Service tip: This is the only platter that comes with bread AND vegetables stick, for those who want to watch their figure. Dip the crunchy vegetables in the delicious hummus dips. Great to share for two.


Vegan Green Pea Hummus Tartine
LPQ - Green Pea Hummus Tartine

A tantalisingly moist, crunchy and delicious Tartine. A thick layer of green pea hummus is spread on a slice of unbuttered Wheat Sour¬dough and drizzled with lemon hummus dressing. Julienne snow peas, fresh mint and radish add a fresh crunch and aroma to the dish.

Organic ‘High Road’ Help burger (CHISWICK ONLY)
LPQ - Organic Hemp Burger
Toasted Wheat Bread is spread with mashed avocado and sandwiches thick tasty hemp patty. This dish is packed with flavour with the coleslaw adding a sharp addition. A vegan’s dream!

Vegan Organic Mezze Platter:
LPQ - Organic Mezze Platter
Ingredients: Hummus, Babaganoush, Tahini Paste, Aubergine, Tomato, Sundried Tomato, Sprig of Parsley, Olive, Olive Oil, 3 slices of Baguette, Tomatoes, Lemon, Basil Oil.
Excellent starter to share.

Vegan Quinoa Detox Salad
LPQ - Quinoa Detox Salad
Ingredients: Red & White Cabbage, Canola Oil, Avocado, Gomasio, Rocket,, Carrot, Courgette, Radish, Sundried Tomatoes, Quinoa Mix (Radish, Parsley, Mint, Ginger, Turmeric, Lime, Colza Oil), wedge of Lemon, Sprig of Pasrley.
Crunchy, fresh and tasty salad.

Vegan Shaved Fennel & Grapefruit
Ingredients: Fennel, Pink Grapefruit, Skinny Orange Dressing, Celery, pickled Red Onion, White Wine Vinegar, Watercress
LPQ - White Wine Vinegar, Watercress
A VEGAN alternative to the watercress and rocket salad, it has a zestier flavor thanks to the juicy grapefruit and orange dressing. The bitter addition of celery counterbalances the anis-flavored fennel perfectly. A refreshing cleanser.

The Vegan Ceaser (CHISWICK ONLY)
LPQ - The Vegan Ceaser
Ingredients: Arugula, Romaine Lettuce, Tofu, Organic Carrots, Red Cabbage, Gomasio, Vegan Miso Mayo, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Croutons, sprig of Parsley
This is the VEGAN Cobb salad, the protein rich tofu is a delicious and the veganaise is rich and creamy. The organic romaine, rocket, tofu and croutons are mixed with the delicious cashew-miso dressing. This is a salad where, again, the meat will not be missed.

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    This is wonderful could we get a vegan supermarket here downunder and also in New Zealand. It would be so much easier. I love this idea, we’re making huge progress toward animal equality.


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