VIDEO: Jamie Oliver on vegan diets

Jamie Oliver recently said ”vegans annoy me”, but is this true? In Tim Shieff’s video interview Jamie says  ”plant-based diets are the future”, and that’s not all…watch the full interview with Jamie Oliver on vegan diets to find out more.
Jamie Oliver on vegan diets

According to a recent interview in The Sunday Times, “vegans annoy” Jamie Oliver – but was the celebrity chef, restaurateur and healthy eating campaigner quoted out of context? A separate interview with Jamie Oliver on vegan diets was carried out by Tim Shieff, recorded (bizarrely) on a skiing holiday a few years ago, suggests he was. The famous chef, who was awarded an MBE for his campaigning to improve school dinners, comes across as more sympathetic towards vegan and plant-based lifestyles than you would expect.

The interview was a while ago now, but I’m sharing it because it’s more relevant than ever given Jamie Oliver’s recent interview comments, and our rising global population and mass deforestation.

Jamie Oliver, the family man and father of five, has been promoting healthy eating for many years, and is currently doing a masters degree in nutrition. He’s had 30 TV shows including Jamie’s School Dinners and has written 21 cookbooks. In this interview he tells Tim that vegan diets are the future, for the good of the planet. He also believes that vegan diets can add seven years to an individual’s life expectancy – watch the whole video below to find out more:

Jamie Oliver on vegan diets – so what does he really think?

Jamie recently said “vegans annoy me”, but when he made this comment in an interview in The Sunday Times, he didn’t mean because they don’t eat meat. He wants to change public perceptions of plant-based diets, by making small steps towards progress. But, he feel some vegans have a “black and white view” of animal welfare and this puts everyone else off when vegans try to express themselves. Jamie Oliver spends a lot time promoting ethically sourced meats and he says that all of his cookbooks now contain 65% vegetarian recipes – which is awesome!

Jamie Oliver has previously been heavily criticised for carrying out a live slaughter of a lamb on TV, but even then he was trying to make an immensely bold statement to educate everyone about where food comes from. Obviously as a vegan, I can’t agree with what he did, but the more people who understand that a packet of lamb from the supermarket was in fact a baby sheep, the better. As I’ve said before, if everyone had to kill their own dinner each evening, there’d probably be way more vegans!

Jamie Oliver has made great progress on educating everyone about sensible, sustainable nutrition, and in his own words, he says he’s ‘doing more than anyone’ to change opinions. All of Jamie’s had work can only help improve the issues around mass production and supply chains.

Stick at it Jamie!

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