Our vegan friends – below are some of’s best friends, I’m very picky about friends, so trust me – they are all excellent organisations filled with vegan news and products worthy of your time:

First of all, here’s some other ways to keep up with vegan news from –
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The London Vegan Societies
Who? Thirty-two vegan and vegetarian societies across London, one for each borough. Find your local society by clicking here. Everyone is welcome, whether veggie, vegan or meat eater. So get involved! Tweet them or Facebook them!
LVS - one of our vegan friends    London Vegan Societies - one of our vegan friends – the resource page for vegans in London,
I used to carry around a print out of this restaurant list with me everywhere! I love this website. I couldn’t have suffered the transition to becoming vegan all those years ago half so well without it to guide me :)  It’s always kept absolutely up to date with all the latest vegan restaurants and cafe openings across London, they really have been a one of the top vegan friends in my book.
Vegan London, one our top vegan friends – good vegan gossip
Ecorazzi was founded in 2006 as a way to use gossip to inspire real good throughout the world. From celebrity efforts on humanitarian issues and the environment to spotlighting charitable organizations and healthy living trends – our goal has always been to highlight the work being done to make the world a better place.
Ecorazzi, one our our great vegan friends

VegNews – The premier vegan lifestyle magazine.
VegNews serves up the latest in meat-free vegan news, food, travel, politics, and buzz.
VegNews - one of our favourite vegan friends

LKB London – OK, so this one isn’t really a vegan related business,, but they are one of my special vegan fields…well actually, t’s my brother! My ‘friends’ page can’t go without a shout out to my brother and his amazing company too:
LKB London, builders in Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

More friends with more vegan news coming soon…

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