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TESCO: surprisingly the best Free From vegan section!

Whatever you may think or feel about the UK supermarket giant, Tesco has the best dairy-alternative ‘free from’ range out of any of our mainstream supermarket chains.

Tesco vegan cheese
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PAUL A. YOUNG – chocolate with a different tune…

‘Chocolate is a wonderful ingredient; its versatility is endless in every way. Flavour pairing, moulding, decorating – it’s very visual as well as tasting amazing’. Paul A. Young.

Paul A Young himself ChrisBrockPhotography-1171

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organic_foodLike me, you want to live a long and healthy life – and with food as my only fuel, it is imperative to eat the right stuff for my body, and you for yours. Most of us don’t, as we’re busy and have a budget. But there’s no mistaking it – food is the source of life. Without it you will die, there is no other way about it. No food = death, and bad diet = illness. Fact. So my plea is: if you spend money on anything, spend it on food; help yourself, help the farmers and help the planet…

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