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LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN (LPQ): the vegan daily bread

We have been seeing LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN (LPQ) restaurants popping up all over London (and beyond) but we’re surprised to find a wide variety of vegan options labelled on the main menu of this French style food chain!

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Dear Vegans… try to imagine a grocery shopping trip where you don’t have to tiresomely check the ingredients of every item you pick up.

Veganz vegan supermarketYou know the drill – you look for the Vegan symbol, most of the time it’s not there, so then you check the entire list of ingredients. Even after this you feel unsure if it is definitely vegan — have they listed all the ingredients? Have they made a mistake? If it is vegan-friendly, why don’t they label it? Hmm, is it safe to buy this?

So imagine a supermarket where you could safely buy every item, where EVERYTHING is vegan. ‘Don’t be so ridiculous; there couldn’t possibly be such a place’ you say. I wouldn’t joke about something so wonderful…

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BANANA TREE – SOHO, LONDON, UK – 28th August 2013

banana tree logoI invited my nearest and dearest to Banana Tree in Soho for a bite to eat after work to celebrate my birthday.

The great thing about this restaurant is the variety on the menu; there’s something for everyone – and my friends have an array of dietary tastes. Some of them eat meat, and they are well-catered for, but there are also vegetarian and vegan options clearly marked on the main menu, which impressed me.

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Orchard_LondonThe pick of veg cafes in London – ORCHARD CAFE

We celebrated our six-month wedding anniversary (who says you can’t celebrate a half-year?) with a relaxing day together visiting galleries and museums across a sunny London, stopping for coffee and cake in between seeing the sites. We decided to visit Orchard cafe for lunch, as it’s only two minutes’ walk from the British Museum, our first port of call. Orchard cafe is the little sister of the Michelin-recommended Vanilla Black, a restaurant just down the road near Chancery Lane.

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VEGAN’S DAILY COMPANION by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Vegan's Daily Companion

I love this book. Click here to buy it now!

A good friend bought me Vegan’s Daily Companion for my birthday. I’m not going to be corny and say it changed my life or anything, but I did, and do, enjoy reading it very much.

It would take a long time to describe this book in detail, and if you decide to read it, then I won’t take up even more of your time with a lengthy review — I’ll keep it short.

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chains imageDoes this sound familiar? You are going to dinner with some non-vegan friends. You don’t want to cause a fuss, or dictate where you should all go. You can’t keep dragging your  ‘normal’ friends to vegan restaurants.

But you do want to go somewhere you can all get a good feed. All of you want to accommodate each other’s dietary desires, and then over-politeness kicks in. Meat-eaters do currently have more choice when it comes to eating out at food retail chains.

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MANNA – my favourite restaurant…

It seems right that my first review for this site should be about my favourite restaurant in London. In fact, my favourite restaurant full stop.

MANNA  - my favourite restaurant...

Since living in Primrose Hill (NW3) for one amazing (but costly) year in 2007, Manna has been my homing beacon in the big city…
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