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BEYOND SKIN SHOES: good enough for Natalie Portman, good enough for us.

‘It was empowering to know that the choices I made both as a consumer and how I ran my business could and did make a difference’. Natalie Dean, Beyond Skin founder.

Beyond Skin logo
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Wills-Vegan-Shoes.com HAS ARRIVED…I was lucky enough to meet loads of interesting people this October at Vegfest London, but one who stands out more than most is Will Green. Not just because he’s a handsome chap, but because he has big ideas about all of our feet…

TheAllAnimalVegan with Wills Vegan Shoes

Me and Will of Wills-Vegan-Shoes.com at The Third Estate on Brecknock Road.

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VEGAN FASHION – I haven’t got a stitch to wear…

…Well I have now. When you tell people you are vegan they instinctively focus on what you can eat. Food is the easy part, I live in London. It’s everything else that’s complicated. When it comes to vegan fashion, it’s the vegan-friendly shoes, the bags, the belts, the wool-free, cashmere-free or silk-free jumpers and so on that can be tricky.  It’s checking every garment label and still feeling unsure each time you buy something that it is definitely cruelty-free.
Vegan boots  fc_select_vegan_fran_over_stitch_biker_boots_black_wb  misscogirl_vegan_cross_body_bag_bronze_w  london_rebel_black_court_heel_pauline_shoes  Vegan bag

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