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LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN (LPQ): the vegan daily bread

We have been seeing LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN (LPQ) restaurants popping up all over London (and beyond) but we’re surprised to find a wide variety of vegan options labelled on the main menu of this French style food chain!

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BEYOND SKIN SHOES: good enough for Natalie Portman, good enough for us.

‘It was empowering to know that the choices I made both as a consumer and how I ran my business could and did make a difference’. Natalie Dean, Beyond Skin founder.

Beyond Skin logo
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Today, for the first time we went along to the Animal Aid Christmas Fayre 2013 at Kensington Town Hall in London, which we’ve been looking forward to, well, all year…

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BRECKNOCK ROAD: North London’s unlikely setting for a mid-November vegan festival

  • A true community event where businesses came together to support each other 
  • Showing ‘the power of the vegan pound’

We went along to Brecknock Road Vegan Festival in north London on Saturday and were blown away by what a fantastic day we had. Let me set the scene: it was pouring with rain, it was freezing cold, and I ended up with flu the next day! But it was worth it…

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organic_foodLike me, you want to live a long and healthy life – and with food as my only fuel, it is imperative to eat the right stuff for my body, and you for yours. Most of us don’t, as we’re busy and have a budget. But there’s no mistaking it – food is the source of life. Without it you will die, there is no other way about it. No food = death, and bad diet = illness. Fact. So my plea is: if you spend money on anything, spend it on food; help yourself, help the farmers and help the planet…

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chains imageDoes this sound familiar? You are going to dinner with some non-vegan friends. You don’t want to cause a fuss, or dictate where you should all go. You can’t keep dragging your  ‘normal’ friends to vegan restaurants.

But you do want to go somewhere you can all get a good feed. All of you want to accommodate each other’s dietary desires, and then over-politeness kicks in. Meat-eaters do currently have more choice when it comes to eating out at food retail chains.

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