THE BIG COUNT vegan surveyAccording to most statistics only 1% of the population is vegan. Let’s find out if that is accurate with THE BIG COUNT!

Possibly the most ambitious vegan survey to date – more than 25,000 people from 150 countries have already taken The Big Count. Please take 30 seconds to complete the survey and help us understand more about vegans (and non-vegans!).

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114 thoughts on “THE BIG COUNT

  1. Tina Gonnermann

    my reason for becoming vegan was actually three fold and in no particular order; my health, to work towards ending cruelty to animals and to lessen my impact on my environment.

  2. Shall Mckee

    After been vegetarian for 26 years, the transition to vegan suddenly made sense as the realisation hit that the meat and dairy industry are the same thing.

    1. Margaret Fraser

      my thoughts exactly, vegetarian for 30 yrs, not drank milk for 27 years, thought id get ‘ill’ if i stopped eating cheese! cause i needed calcium! but in feb this year decided to become vegan, feel fantastic!

    2. Gee Whizz

      I’m a 3rd generation vegetarian. It took me until my kids were born, both with dairy allergies anyway, to fully comprehend how the dairy/egg industry works – I was off dairy within 2 weeks of giving birth, and have never looked back. My kids are now 6 and 4, and have been raised vegan.

    1. zeb

      You are awesome. You have saved thousands of lives by your actions, And I cannot wait until I’ve been a vegan for as long as you have been.

      1. Sienna G.G Metatawabin

        What a wonderful way to put it, looking forward to being able to say, “been vegan for X amount of years” :) I’m a life long vegetarian who is having trouble with accepting the cruelty that exists with the dairy & cosmetics & animal product clothing industry (was already off of eggs as part of my vegetarianism) so am researching how to move my entire family into Veganism, we are all very open to it, as my husband says, “Only a few steps away”.. there is alot of inspiration on Pinterest :)

  3. Mike and Naomi Elias

    Veggie for 30 years until we met Animal Rights people at Oxford (SPEAK), then the world opened up. Now, at 81 and 77, we are campaigning Vegans until we drop off the perch!

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  5. Deborah O'Shaughnessy

    I became vegetarian as soon as I realised that I was eating dead animals. I was 7. I attended an ALF meeting in 1986 & learned about the cruelty involved in the dairy & egg industry. I turned vegan the next day. That was 27 years ago.

  6. Dawn Harcom

    I went Vegetarian in 1982 after watching ‘The Animals’ documentary/film on TV……It took the internet to change me to Vegan in 2011………Wish I had done it sooner.

  7. Pauline

    I wish we could put more than 1 reason. I was vegetarian, then not, then son was sensitive to cow’s milk (we thought), so I cut it out of my diet (breastfeeding), and figured I’d just “go all the way” and cut out eggs and such. Had a bump or two in the road, but in the end I am vegan for health, environmental, socioeconomic and ethical reasons.

    1. Rachael

      Pauline – That is exactly how I became Vegan. I was vegetarian for ethical reasons, but, couldn’t imagine giving up the dairy until we found out my son had a dairy allergy while I was breastfeeding. Now I have been vegan for 10+ years although there are the occasional bumps as you put in when I have eaten a piece of cake or a brownie or some such.

  8. Ayshe Augustine

    I was vegan for 10 years, 15 years ago and have just changed back to vegan from vegetarian about 6 months ago. It feels good to be clean again!!!


    Je suis vegan depuis 2 ans . J’ai l’impression de vivre mieux et plus en accord avec mes principes (même si tout n’est pas parfait).

  10. stargirl

    You should’ve had options for being a vegetarian as well! I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years, but vegan only the last six months or so. I gave up dairy long time ago as I was lactose intolerant and then I visited a dairy farm with pre-school kids. The calves crying still haunts me! I gave up eggs last Easter, but I still use honey so guess die-hard vegans still wouldn’t let me call myself vegan.

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    1. theallanimalvegan


      Thanks for the comment, and no you weren’t being blocked! I have been
      struggling to cope with all the responses so far, the demand has been

      You are right about the survey — the standard method would have been
      to take a sample and determine the percentage of vegan
      respondents, but this type of survey would have bias on a vegan centered website.

      So, instead, I created The Big Count survey, and the interest has been
      extraordinary. It has uncovered some fascinating data, such as age spreads, reasons for
      being vegan and number of years as a vegan.

      Hope that helps, and please do share the survey and keep reading the blog!

  12. Antemio Maya

    No tenemos derecho de disponer de la vida de ningún ser sintiente. De solo saber el sufrimiento de los animales “de consumo”, es una razón suficiente para dejar de comer carne o lácteos. Comer sin remordimiento es la mejor forma de vivir, y de paso hasta te ayuda para tener una mejor salud. Antemio

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  14. Cam

    I have been vegetarian since 1979 and finally realized that we can no longer pretend that there is a way to produce dairy without cruelty and without treating animals as property. It’s a joy to be vegan!

  15. tessietura

    vegan since a few months ago. best thing I ever did, i feel so much better. I was a vegetarian for a big part of my life but after discovering there was an IBS subreddit, I really thought about cutting dairy and eggs to see if that would help. I wasn’t going to do keto but I needed to overhaul my diet so I decided on being vegan. I feel like I’m finally free of my metaphorical chains that kept me housebound and near the toilet.

  16. Kerbear

    I would be interested to know the responses to why people are not Vegan – I am always finding that I have to explain why I am (isn’t it obvious)! People will have to admit the reasons they are not Vegan are all very selfish ones.

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  18. Mike and Naomi Elias

    Absolutely! It appears that only around 1% of the human species has evolved to become truly civilised. It shows how easy it is to brainwash us, which, in turn, shows how unintelligent our species is. We are the devils of the universe!

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  20. Vicky

    Being vegan helps me feel clean in mind and body. It was not until I turned vegan that I was able to get pregnant after 6 years of trying. I had never felt so healthy. Now I’ve found lots of junk food though!

  21. Susan

    I became vegetarian 19 years ago and thanks to Facebook, have opened my eyes to the cruelty we bestow on innocent beings, even in organic farming. I will never eat/use anything animal again. I am also wheatfree, which has had a couple of challenges but where there is a will, there is a way. The only negative is I cry more now for the poor animals and what we humans do to them.

    1. theallanimalvegan

      Thanks for your comment Helene. Yes, Earthlings is extremely eye-opening, thank goodness for celebrities like the Phoenix family for trying to get the message out there. Well done for making the vegan leap, it is hard to go back once you know about all the issues.

  22. jean blanquart

    in my humble opinion, you only can be vegan becaus eof teh animals! If you consider health reasons and the likes, then you ‘re not vegan but you adopted a vegan diet, which is soemthing completely different! veganism is a all embracing political statement and way of life !

    1. Vicky

      It should always be a positive thing. My veganism is creative and caring. It comes with many benefits to me and the world around me. Share the love.

  23. Bassam Chakelli

    I thought it would be around 0.2% of oz…my reasons were not sure if it was animal welfare, or environmental reasons. ..I rem overloading on all info…and then there and then…could not keep consuming dairy. ..but the biggest curse…is the atrocious u come to see from the greedy industry’s that they have become. .

  24. Suzanne Marcella

    i have been a vegetarian for almost 45 years & a vegan for almost 5 of those years. When I learned the truth about the egg & dairy industry I could no longer eat eggs & dairy.
    GO VEGAN !!!!!!!

  25. Anita

    You need a question asking if other people in the household are vegan. I took the survey, but I wanted to add that my husband and 3 children are also vegan.

  26. Laurie

    I was a vegetarian for 36 years and I was a vegan for a few years within that 36 years. Now I am vegan for 2 years straight, loving it and NEVER going back. Our human form was designed to be frugivore, eating lots of fruits and plants. Animals have a right to freedom just as we do.

  27. Kajta Thieme

    I decided to become vegetarian, when I was 14 years old, know I understood the cruelty with the cows, Iam very sad that I did not earlier…My husband and 2 of my childrens (8 and 10) are vegans too!!!!

  28. Anna

    I am vegeterian since I was a kid but just becoming a vegan. Reason is cruelty to animals which I did not know.
    It’s very dificult.but possible to live’s just a new chapter in my life whenI learn a lot how a healthy way;)

    1. Bianca Zvorc Morris

      Anna, congrats! It helped me turn my hubby a lot to give him 2 books: Thrive (Brandon Brazier) & Whole. Once you get use to it, it is a smooth ride, I promise & to ensure to be really healthy we need to remove dairy. I was also vegetarian for 18 years and now 20 years vegan (I am 38 now) & it is the best thing ever… Good luck & welcome to compassionate gang, our planet & animals <3 U

  29. Liz N.

    I’ve been vegan for almost three years. Initially because I took off the blinders and realized I wanted no part of the cruelty suffered by animals. As I learn more about the health benefits, and indeed to reap the rewards, it’s just how it is now. I couldn’t imagine going back. I’m 49 years old and healthier than I’ve ever been, with a clear conscience :)

  30. Andrea

    i went vegan about 2 years ago. it is the best decission i have ever made and i hope many more will open their eyes! looking forward to seeing the results of your count.

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  33. Rachel

    I Love being a Vegan SO Very Much the Reason why I become a Vegan was because of all of those Poor Beautiful animals and because I am Glad I am a Vegan now because I feel SO Healthly and I am now doing as much has I can to help those Poor Beautiful Helpless animals.

  34. Gaurav Jain Vegan

    very nice step. once the survey reach to a substantial number kindly make it online directory of vegans worldwide.

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  36. librini

    I am vegan since march 2013 only, but each time that i read a book on nutrition, I grown more and more convinced that i made the right decision!

    1. TheAllAnimalVegan

      Hi Teresa, thanks for letting us know, sorry about that – there are no known technical issues with the survey right now, but you could try hitting CTRL + F5 to refresh your page (if you are using a desktop or laptop PC), or CMD + R on a Mac. Let us know if that doesn’t work, we’d love as many people as possible to take the survey!


  37. nicole

    It was terrible to think that it was just as cruel to eat dairies as eating meat and it was such a weight off my shoulders once i had stopped at the beginning but after years had passed and there didn’t seem to be much progress out there, it felt that it wasn’t good enough and it was time to do some serious work as the animal are having such a hard time with little relief in sight

  38. Jo Constance

    Have been vegetarian for a few years, then found I needed a bit of animal protein from time to time. I do some dairy occasionally, but have eliminated milk totally a few years ago – replaced with unsweetened almond milk that’s SO good. I know this will continue to change, reducing both as my body transforms and realigns. Thanks for your project!

  39. Joan Peters

    I became a vegetarian on the original Earth Day; that was in 1970,43 years ago. Only recently did I become vegan when other members of my family did the same. I’ll never go back!

  40. Rob

    A poster campaign against vivisection by the BUAV in the early 80’s opened my mind and got me to go veggie aged about 14 or 15 for ethical/compassion reasons. From there I learned about veganism and also about the health and environmental benefits too, but my mum would not let me go vegan until I left home for uni in 1986, when I switched overnight, So that is over 27 years vegan, through all the ups and downs that one goes through from a teenager into middle age, veganism, which for me includes environmentalism and social justice, has been a constant guiding principle in my life and often given me a reason to try to be a better person.

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  42. Carol Crunkhorn

    I am vegan because what happens to animals raised as ‘food’ is atrocious. They suffer dreadfully in so many ways. Eating them is totally unnecessary and I find tv programmes like Junior Masterchef absolutely nauseating. No doubt, such programmes are sponsored by the industries that profit from meat and dairy… They call it “food”, I call it the biggest scam in the history of mankind.

  43. Anne hodgkinson

    Recent convert to veganism. I have been vegetarian for 30 years for ethical reasons. Having read more about the diary industry (which is as bad as the meat industry for cruelty) i can no longer support it.

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  48. Ambyr Eek

    I was a vegetarian my whole life and then at 21 I became (or discovered, who knows really) lactose intolerant which made the transition to veganism incredibly easy for me. I gave up eggs shortly after when I realised they weren’t mine to eat/use/benefit from.

  49. Bri

    I used to love eating meat.
    Well it was ok because animals are raised and killed humanely.
    I have since found out that ALL animal produce is horiffic ally cruel.
    Meat, milk, cheese, cream, butter, leather, wool, eggs etc etc.
    Free range, organic, freedom food, humane, pasture fed is all terribly cruel and a lie.

    Veganism is the only cruelty free way.

    Animal Welfare Org

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  52. Thom from Melbourne, Australia.

    I started trying to become vegan about half way through 2008, after being significantly affected by T. Colin Campbell’s book “The China Study”.

    When I look back, it took me until 2012 to become a proper vegan and not just a part time one. On top of the health benefits of a vegan diet I now feel strongly about the plight of the animals we consume also. Particularly the mammals such pigs, sheep, cows.

    The human diet is one place I can clearly see karma doing it’s work. As we make so many beings suffer we cause suffering for ourselves. Medicine tries to cure cancer and heart disease with drugs and surgery, but the prevention of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases already exists.

    Veganism feels right on every level. I feel a lot healthier than I ever used to feel pre-veganism, I have a great deal of energy and vitality, I have a clear conscience and a calmer soul. Compassion truly does feel good.

  53. Mariposa Blanca

    Congratulations to all you fabulous people for transitioning to veganism. :) We can and do make a difference ! Xx

    Vegetarian for 17 years, vegan for a year and 4 months. Yay !!!

  54. Scott Daley

    New to it (vegetarian since April 2012, vegan since around the end of September 2013) but I realized it was the best course of action for me, the animals, and the environment in general so I plan to stick with it.

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