PATRIK BABOUMIAN – Germany’s strongest man, and vegan

PATRIK BABOUMIAN – Germany’s strongest man!

I met Patrik Baboumian at London’s VegFest on 5th October 2013, he holds the 2011 title as Germany’s strongest man and also just happens to be a vegan ambassador!


Patrik says ‘Strength should build up, not destroy. My strength needs no victims. My strength is my compassion.’

german strong man with award
Patrik became a vegetarian in 2005 and he knew little about the effect it would have on his performance and strength. The reasons for his decision were mainly based on ‘my empathy for all kinds of non human animals and the mental conflict I felt, when consuming meat, which would mean that an animal would have to lose its live for my appetite’.

Expecting at least a slight inverse effect on his training performance he was amazed by the great gains in lean body-mass and strength he got with the meat-free diet.

In 2011 after winning the German strongman title he was ready to take the next step and switch to a vegan diet.

Patrik says ‘As a strength athlete I have to make sure that my body gets all three macro-nutrients in feasible amounts. Specially protein is a key factor for the development of the type of body that is needed to be able to endure the gruelling events you have to face as a strongman’.

german strong man with Big Count flyer
He told us that his main protein sources are: soy-milk, soy-protein-powder, tofu, nuts and beans.

‘To get the energy I need for my daily training sessions I use carbohydrates  out of: rice, potato, oats and lots of fruits and greens and vegetables. I use shakes and smoothies to get a lot of my calories in liquid form, because it’s hard for me to eat the amounts of calories I need to gain weight and maintain the development of physical strength’.

PATRIK BABOUMAIN STONESHe was a really nice guy, and when we got talking he said he knew this website and had taken The Big Count survey! Patrik was really interested in my idea to find out more about global vegan trends, what a guy. He said ”I’m definitely going to support this!”, and took several photos with my poster.

I only wish I could hang out with him everyday, and that all celebs were this down to earth. Patrik Baboumian is a living proof of the fact that a plant based diet is well suitable for athletes of all sports. After adopting a vegan diet he said: “I have never been stronger and I never felt better in my entire live!”
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