VEGAN CELEBRITY NEWS – Paul McCartney surprise gig!

Big vegan celebrity news! Vegan superstar Sir Paul McCartney plays impromptu surprise packed out gig in Covent Garden piazza!

paul crowdSir Paul, one of the two remaining Beatles has been a vegetarian for most of his life, he is an animal welfare campaigner, along with the rest of his family.  The McCartney family have recently, and very successfully launched the ‘
Meat Free Mondays‘ campaign which has taken off all over the world!  His daughter – internationally famous fashion designer Stella McCartney and her children were also at the gig to support him.

stellaYou can just about see Stella in this photo we took…although they are small I assure you she is the one in sunglasses with her children on the furthest left of the balcony!

Paul also worked closely with Peta on a campaign video called ”Glass Walls”. This video has been viewed by people all over the world. We like celebs who use their fame for the greater good.


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