…Well, sort of. This is big vegan news! Those of you who know of well-regarded TV celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay will know that he is, until now, an outspoken vegetarian-hater. Ramsay said last year:

Gordon Ramsay“My biggest nightmare would be if the kids ever came up to me and said ‘Dad, I’m a vegetarian.’ Then I would sit them on the fence and electrocute them.”

This offended vegetarian and animal rights ambassador Sir Paul McCartney. Sir Paul said I just read a quote from Gordon Ramsay… “If my daughter ever grew up and married a vegetarian, I’d never forgive her.

Sir Paul, who has not eaten meat for 30 years, told Sainsbury’s Magazine: “I think it’s a case of live and let live. I will talk to people about the advantages of vegetarianism, and it will upset me if we’ve had a good conversation and they turn around and say something stupid.”

Gordon Ramsay triathalon

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In another outburst against vegetarians, Ramsay told Cheryl Cole (when she appeared on his show): Didn’t you get the message? Vegetarians aren’t welcome here.

So, imagine how surprised The All Animal Vegan was to read that the profanity-loving cook had lost 2st by changing to a diet of drinking vegan shakes! The diet was spurred by his preparations for one of the world’s toughest triathlons in Kona, Hawaii. First weighing in at 16st 2lbs, he has now reportedly dropped to a trim 14st. Gordon has lost more than 2st (28lbs) by cutting out fatty food and replacing them with vegan shakes and plates of vegetables.

As vegan news goes, this is a bigger turnaround than one of Ramsay’s own tossed pancakes! Although he is not fully vegan, it shows that more vegan focused living is winning out. The fact that he has chosen a ‘vegan’ shake over a standard milkshake means that he sees the benefits of a plant-based diet. If foodie, meat-loving chefs are realizing that eating vegan improves your health, your mind, and your waist size, then who can’t be converted…

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  1. drarvindkumarjain

    really today we can say that vegetarianism is the boost. because many are inclined towards non veges with proud and inviting many incurable diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, allergies and skin diseases. joint pains and deaths are the only treatment of many diseasesI USED TO SAY EAT MORE AND INVITE DISEASES OF HEART, CANCER ETC


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