It was big vegan news that Russell Brand, the outspoken, big-haired English comedian, actor, radio host, author and campaigner, recently turned vegan after watching the new film ‘Forks Over Knives‘.
russell Brand New Statesman

Russell upped and left the UK a few years ago (along with his cat Morrissey) and moved to America. Here he pursued a movie career, made friends with the Dalai Lama, campaigned for compassion towards drug-addiction as well as continuing his comedy and experiencing marriage. Now, the more experienced, wiser, flatter-haired Brand calls for a global ‘revolution’ – an end to the imbalanced profit-driven economy, the dissolution of our institutionalised political systems… and more beards.

In the video below Brand talks to TV presenter and political bulldog Jeremy Paxman on the BBC’s Newsnight programme. As usual, Russell speaks eloquently about the subject at hand, resulting in Paxman (who has been grilling politicians for most of his long career) feeling a little old fashioned.

TheAllAnimalVegan praises Russell Brand for standing up for what he believes in and using his fame for the greater good. What do you think about Brand’s new politicised direction? Can he be taken seriously? Put your thoughts in the comments section below.

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